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Republicans demand release of alleged Biden bribery document, threaten FBI

Updated on Jun 06, 2023 06:39 AM IST

Republicans accuse the FBI of withholding an unclassified document that implicates President Joe Biden in a criminal bribery scheme.

House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chair James Comer, R-Ky., speaks to reporters after he and Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., the ranking member of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, met with FBI officials to view confidential documents Comer demanded in his investigation of President Joe Biden's family, Monday, June 5, 2023, on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP Photo/Mariam Zuhaib)(AP)

Newsom threatens DeSantis with kidnapping charges over migrant flights

California Governor Gavin Newsom appeared to threaten his Florida counterpart Ron DeSantis with kidnapping charges Monday, over migrant flights.

FILE – California Gov. Gavin Newsom talks with union electricians at Proxima Solar Farm outside Patterson, Calif., on May 19, 2023. California has struggled to meet growing demand for electricity as the state transitions away from fossil fuels. Gov. Newsom has proposed the purchasing power of the state to purchase large amounts of new renewable energy, including from offshore wind and geothermal power plants. (Andy Alfaro/The Modesto Bee via AP, File)(AP)
Published on Jun 06, 2023 05:35 AM IST
AFP | | Posted by Tuhin Das Mahapatra

Are Harry and Meghan playing the victim card? Public doubts their motives

Public sentiment towards Harry and Meghan is changing, as doubts about their authenticity and motives grow.

FILE PHOTO: Britain's Prince Harry and Meghan, Duke and Duchess of Sussex, wave as they visit One World Trade Center in Manhattan, New York City, U.S., September 23, 2021.(REUTERS)
Published on Jun 06, 2023 04:27 AM IST

Meghan Markle's etiquette coach disappointed with the couple's behavior

Former royal etiquette coach, Edmund Fry, expresses disappointment with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, claiming they have "tainted" their royal connections.

FILE - Meghan Markle, and her husband Prince Harry arrive to the observatory in One World Trade in New York, Thursday, Sept. 23, 2021. After months of speculation about whether they would be invited to the coronation, the palace announced that Harry would attend but Meghan would remain in California with their two children.(AP)
Published on Jun 06, 2023 03:58 AM IST

‘Trump too small’ or not (on T-shirts), US top court will decide

A California man seeks trademarking a phrase mocking former US President Donald Trump to put it on T-shirts.

Former President Donald Trump(AP)
Published on Jun 06, 2023 01:11 AM IST
AP |

Ukraine's secret strikes: Report reveals truth behind drone attacks in Russia

Ukraine deploys agents and sympathizers in Russia for sabotage, using drones in attacks, per US intelligence sources.

Sources familiar with US intelligence reveal Ukraine's alleged network of agents and sympathizers inside Russia, executing drone attacks on Russian targets.
Published on Jun 06, 2023 12:16 AM IST

Twitter's ad revenue plummets 59% after Elon Musk's takeover: What went wrong?

Twitter's US ad revenue plunges 59% after Elon Musk's takeover, as concerns over hate speech, porn, and confusing changes drive advertisers away.

FILE PHOTO: Elon Musk's photo is seen through a Twitter logo in this illustration taken October 28, 2022.(Reuters)
Published on Jun 06, 2023 12:13 AM IST

Ex-US vice-president Mike Pence enters 2024 race as challenger to Trump

Former Vice President Mike Pence filed paperwork on Monday declaring his campaign for president in 2024.

Former U.S. Vice President Mike Pence (REUTERS)
Updated on Jun 05, 2023 10:48 PM IST
AP |

Prince Harry puts brakes on King Charles' extravagant birthday bash for Lilibet

According to an insider, Charles had his aides searching for custom-made cubby houses, reminiscent of the ones Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret

Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, daughter of Britain's Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, reacts in Windsor, Britain.(REUTERS)
Published on Jun 05, 2023 08:40 PM IST
ByPaurush Omar

Presidential stumble sparks debate, is Joe Biden fit for the Oval office?

Jackson, who served as physician to the president under both Barack Obama and Donald Trump, expressed concerns about Biden's physical and mental capabilities

President Joe Biden's recent fall on stage has sparked a heated debate about his fitness to hold office.
Published on Jun 05, 2023 07:20 PM IST
ByPaurush Omar

Prince Harry fails to show up for court, will give evidence tomorrow

Green is seeking to question Harry for more than a day over 33 articles which the prince says were based on material which was unlawfully obtained.

Britain's Prince Harry at the Royal Courts Of Justice in London on March 28. (AP)
Published on Jun 05, 2023 06:58 PM IST
Reuters |

'Very last warning' for 82-year-old German convicted of dealing drugs

Judges said they would make an exception and classify the latest crimes as “less serious offenses” due to the man's particular circumstances.

Dpa quoted the presiding judge telling the defendant that it was his “very last warning.” (Pic for representation)
Published on Jun 05, 2023 05:54 PM IST
AP |

Explained: Why is Prince Harry suing British tabloids?

Harry said he wondered who he could trust after fearing that friends and close associates were betraying him by leaking information to the newspapers.

Britain's Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, leaves the High Court in London, Britain March 28. (REUTERS)
Published on Jun 05, 2023 05:47 PM IST

Chuck Todd shocks audience with abrupt departure from NBC's 'Meet the Press'

Todd, known for his dedication to political journalism, pushed the boundaries of 'Meet the Press' during his tenure

Chuck Todd, the esteemed host and moderator of NBC's iconic political show 'Meet the Press,' has announced his departure from the program. Kristen Welker will replace Chuck in the program.
Published on Jun 05, 2023 05:00 PM IST
ByPaurush Omar

Twitter co-founder backs Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to take on Donald Trump

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey has officially endorsed Democratic Party candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on Sunday.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Jack Dorsey(Twitter/Getty Images)
Published on Jun 05, 2023 03:39 PM IST
ByAdarsh Kumar Gupta

What caused the sonic boom in Washington DC? US officials put out a statement.

According to U.S. and military officials, the noise that stunned residents and trembled buildings was the result of an authorized military flight.

Washington DC, US(Getty images)
Published on Jun 05, 2023 03:36 PM IST
ByHarshita Bhati

Kremlin calls US statement on nuclear arms control 'positive'

It came into force in 2011 and was extended in 2021 for five more years after Joe Biden took office as U.S. president.

Russian President Vladimir Putin. (REUTERS)
Published on Jun 05, 2023 03:17 PM IST
Reuters |

US-based Indian entrepreneur unveils software to map career plans using genes

US-based Indian entrepreneur has set a startup to build a software which will develop a 10–15-year career plan for young children based on their genes

Mohamed Mustafa Saidalvi from GenesandYou.(PTI)
Published on Jun 05, 2023 03:10 PM IST
ByPaurush Omar

Toronto-based lawyer urges extradition of agents providing fake documents to students

Sen argued that if Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Sean Fraser “wants to clean up the system and protect its integrity, it’s not enough to regulate consultants in Canada.”

Some of the former international students facing potential deportation from Canada at their indefinite protest site in the Greater Toronto Area. (Inder Singh)
Updated on Jun 05, 2023 02:19 PM IST

India joins world's spy chiefs meet in secret conclave in Singapore

Samant Goel, the head of India's overseas intelligence gathering agency, the Research and Analysis Wing, also attended.

Such meetings are organised by the Singapore government and have been discreetly held at a separate venue alongside the security summit for several years. (Representational Image)(Photo by Roslan RAHMAN / AFP)
Published on Jun 05, 2023 12:50 PM IST
Reuters |

No survivors found after plane that led to fighter jet scramble crashes in US

The plane turned around over New York’s Long Island and flew a straight path down over D.C. before it crashed over mountainous terrain in Virginia.

Flight tracking sites showed the jet suffered a rapid spiraling descent, dropping at one point at a rate of more than 30,000 feet per minute before crashing. (Representational Image)(AFP)
Published on Jun 05, 2023 10:27 AM IST
AP | | Posted by Lingamgunta Nirmitha Rao

Jet fighters chase small plane in Washington area before it crashes in Virginia

The jet fighters prompted a sonic boom over the U.S. capital in an attempt to pursue with the errant Cessna Citation, officials said.

Image for representation(Getty Images)
Published on Jun 05, 2023 06:01 AM IST
Reuters |

Florida Gov. DeSantis declares war on 'woke' culture and calls it a war on truth

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis defines "woke" as cultural Marxism, an ideology prioritizing identity politics over merit and truth, corrupting institutions.

U.S. Republican presidential candidate and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis speaks at the
Published on Jun 05, 2023 05:36 AM IST

Saudi Crown Prince claims Kushner was 'in his pocket' - What really happened?

Jared Kushner's casual attitude towards the President's Daily Brief raised eyebrows, but his unexpected trip to Riyadh sparked intense speculation.

Jared Kushner's casual attitude towards the President's Daily Brief raised eyebrows, but his unexpected trip to Riyadh sparked intense speculation.
Published on Jun 05, 2023 05:11 AM IST

Texas law puts transgender youth's healthcare at stake - What you need to know

Texas enacts controversial law on medical care for minors, sparking debates and legal actions. We delve into the details and impact of the new regulations.

Texas enacts controversial law on medical care for minors, stirring debates and legal challenges. Let's examine the details and impact of this legislation.(AP)
Published on Jun 05, 2023 03:38 AM IST

Chinese warship passes 'unsafely' near US destroyer in Taiwan strait: Report

The People's Republic of China (PRC) has claimed self-ruled Taiwan as its territory since the defeated Republic of China government fled to the island in 1949.

US and Canadian navies on Saturday were conducting a joint exercise in the strait.(Reuters)
Updated on Jun 05, 2023 04:28 AM IST
Reuters |

Peace deal with Azerbaijan possible by year end, says Armenia: Report

Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict: Moscow, Washington and the European Union are all trying separately to help ensure permanent peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Firefighters work among the ruins of a house, which was hit by Azeri shelling during border clashes. (AFP)
Updated on Jun 05, 2023 04:29 AM IST
Reuters |

Russia is evading international sanctions on weapons: Ukraine's Zelensky

Russia-Ukraine war: In a video address, Zelensky said unnamed countries were helping Russia acquire technology with the emphasis on producing missiles.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. (AFP)
Published on Jun 05, 2023 02:14 AM IST
Reuters |

Light plane crashes after chase by fighter jets in US' Washington DC

The jet fighters caused a sonic boom over the US capital as they raced to catch up with the Cessna Citation,

Washington DC, US(Getty images)
Updated on Jun 05, 2023 02:41 AM IST
Reuters |

US house speaker McCarthy lauds debt deal, conservatives divided

US debt deal: Representative Ken Buck, a member of the far-right House Freedom Caucus, said the deal had failed to deliver the deeper spending cuts.

US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. (Reuters)
Updated on Jun 05, 2023 04:30 AM IST
Reuters |
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