Renewing the bilateral pact

Published on Sep 27, 2023 01:32 AM IST

The onus is on Canada to take the lead in defusing the tension in its relations with India

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, right, shakes hand with Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau upon his arrival at Bharat Mandapam convention centre for the G20 Summit in New Delhi, India, September 9, 2023. (HT Photo)
ByHT Editorial

NDA unravels in Tamil Nadu

Attacks on the Dravidian movement by the state BJP leadership had made AIADMK’s presence in the alliance untenable

Ties between the Tamil Nadu BJP, led by state chief K Annamalai (left), and the AIADMK, led by EK Palaniswami (right), frayed over the former’s comments on late ex-CM CN Annadurai. (ANI)
Published on Sep 26, 2023 09:25 PM IST
ByHT Editorial

Celebrate science, incentivise research

Government considers removing cash component from prestigious science awards, sparking concerns about lack of support for scientists

Scientists need robust support from the state. (REPRESENTATIVE IMAGE)
Published on Sep 26, 2023 09:25 PM IST
ByHT Editorial

General election in sight, NDA in focus

JD(S) joins BJP-led NDA, signaling BJP's eagerness to expand coalition ahead of general election.

PM Modi, accompanied by Union ministers Jyotiraditya Scindia, Narendra Singh Tomar, MP chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and state BJP President VD Sharma in Bhopal on Monday. (PTI)
Published on Sep 26, 2023 12:44 AM IST
ByHT Editorial

Continent-sized fest at Hangzhou

It’s an opportunity for Indian stars to take stock before the Paris Olympics next year

Flags of participating countries, among them North Korea, India, and Brunei, are hoisted at the Athletes Village at the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, China (AP/PTI)
Updated on Sep 26, 2023 12:45 AM IST
ByHT Editorial

On track, a train of ambition, aspiration

The BJP, more than any other party, has a history of projecting infrastructure building as a key component of its political outreach

Students take selfies with the newly flagged off Vande Bharat train, at Kasaragod station in Kerala on Sunday. (PTI)
Published on Sep 25, 2023 11:22 PM IST
ByHT Editorial

Learning from Himachal floods

The real test in Himachal will be if the authorities can ensure compliance and adapt developmental aspirations to the specific ecology of the region.

A guesthouse owner at Kulga village in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh has been fined <span class='webrupee'>?</span>10,000 after a probe found he delayed the evacuation of a Delhi-based couple that was unable to settle its bills through digital wallets due to internet disruption during the recent floods. (HT file photo)
Published on Sep 23, 2023 07:32 AM IST
ByHT Editorial

No place for hate speech

Islamophobic comments lower the dignity of Parliament and point to a larger malaise

Members of Parliament (ANI/Sansad TV)
Published on Sep 23, 2023 01:31 AM IST
ByHT Editorial

Everyone loves to woo the OBCs

Women's reservation Bill was passed, but debate reveals the demand for OBC sub-quotas, highlighting caste politics

Members of Parliament while voting on clauses of the women's reservation bill on demand of an Opposition MP in Lok Sabha during the Special Session of Parliament in New Delhi on Wednesday. (ANI)
Published on Sep 21, 2023 10:24 PM IST
ByHT Editorial

Let farmers breathe easy

Good news on the monsoon and kharif crop should prod the government to lift the restrictions on food exports

The sudden drop in tomato prices within a month, from <span class='webrupee'>?</span>200 per kg in August to <span class='webrupee'>?</span>2 in September, recently drove farmers from Marathwada and north Maharashtra to destroy their produce. (HT PHOTO)
Published on Sep 21, 2023 10:23 PM IST
ByHT Editorial

Saving less, buying more

Trends in household assets and liabilities point to consumption driven growth, which is good for the economy in the short-term

The committee will address various aspects such as pricing, purchase quantities, quality control, and equitable distribution. (HT Photo)
Published on Sep 20, 2023 09:28 PM IST
ByHT Editorial

Karnataka in mind, Congress eyes Telangana

With elections approaching, political parties in Telangana are rallying for support, with the Congress hoping to make a comeback.

The Congress, which lost its base to K Chandrasekhar Rao’s BRS after the Andhra Pradesh bifurcation in 2014, is hopeful that anti-incumbency, the positive response to Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra, and the win in Karnataka will boost the party’s chances
Published on Sep 20, 2023 09:28 PM IST
ByHT Editorial

Her right to legislate

Quotas for women in legislatures are welcome, but not a panacea

 The timing of the bill proposing the quota, a year ahead of the national election, is significant(Sansad TV)
Published on Sep 19, 2023 10:04 PM IST
ByHT Editorial

Manipur needs a political intervention

Ongoing violence and ethnic clashes in Manipur have led to a breakdown of law and order. The government must urgently seek a political solution

Manipur has been in the throes of clashes since May 3, killing at least 168 people. (REUTERS)
Published on Sep 19, 2023 12:43 AM IST
ByHT Editorial

The House and its residents

Parliament is more than the building; legislators need to renew commitment to debate and deliberation

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in an emotion-rich speech, said the old building will remain “a source of inspiration” and “a place of pilgrimage” in the future (ANI)
Published on Sep 19, 2023 12:41 AM IST
ByHT Editorial

The Sanatana Dharma spectre

The Opposition is wary of debating the issue as the BJP raises the pitch over the DMK leader’s comments

Coimbatore: People watch posters put up by the DMK in connection with ongoing Sanatana Dharm row, in Coimbatore, Wednesday, Sept. 6, 2023. (PTI Photo) (PTI09_06_2023_000026A)(PTI)
Published on Sep 18, 2023 09:25 AM IST
ByHT Editorial

Chill in India-Canada ties hits trade talks

India-Canada relations are strained over Trudeau's alleged reluctance to act against Khalistani extremists.

PM Modi and Justin Trudeau.(File)
Published on Sep 18, 2023 09:25 AM IST
ByHT Editorial

Yet another virus alert

Nipah outbreak holds lessons for governments on the need to improve disease surveillance and pharma industry to work on vaccines

Health workers shift people who have been in contact with a person infected with the Nipah virus to an isolation centre at a government hospital in Kozhikode, Kerala. (AFP Photo)
Published on Sep 15, 2023 10:03 PM IST
ByHT Editorial

Anantnag attack blots picture of calm

Terrorist attack in Anantnag district threatens peace in Jammu and Kashmir and raises concerns about local militancy revival

Army personnel and a CRPF vehicle near the site where the encounter is underway between security forces and militants in the Garol forest near Kokernag in Anantnag district on Thursday. (ANI Photo)
Published on Sep 15, 2023 01:48 AM IST
ByHT Editorial

Food cost spoils inflation spread

Govt may want to keep grain prices under check. But hawkish monetary intervention from RBI could be counterproductive

the Consumer Price Index (CPI), grew at 6.8% in August (REUTERS)
Published on Sep 14, 2023 10:09 PM IST
ByHT Editorial

Maratha stir reveals limits of quota politics

A quota-centric resolution to the Maratha grievance is only likely to ignite other fires when the challenge before the government is to provide jobs and welfare

Thane, India - September , 04, 2023: Activists of the Maratha community in Thane staged a protest outside the Thane Collector office on Monday to protest against the police lathicharge (beating ) on the protestors protesting for Maratha reservation in Jalna Maharashtra ,in Thane, in Mumbai, India, on,Monday, September, 04, 2023. ( Praful Gangurde / HT Photo )
Published on Sep 13, 2023 09:50 PM IST
ByHT Editorial

Bridge across Arabian sea

The deepening relationship between India and Saudi Arabia has potential to change the dynamic of the subcontinent and West Asia

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia speaks to Prime Minister Narendra Modi upon his arrival for a ceremonial reception at the presidential palace in New Delhi on Monday,(AP)
Published on Sep 13, 2023 09:49 PM IST
ByHT Editorial

Serving in the court of greatness

Novak Djokovic has surpassed Federer and Nadal to become the dominant force in tennis with 24 Grand Slam titles. But, in his own words, he's not done yet

Djokovic says he thrives on motivation, and when he doesn’t find it in something — chasing the No 1 ranking or the highest Slam count — he can switch off. (Getty Images via AFP)
Published on Sep 12, 2023 10:19 PM IST
ByHT Editorial

Riding the growth wind

Nifty 50 crossing the 20,000 mark is a significant moment and flags need for continuous regulatory zeal and innovation

 The Nifty 50 comprises some of the biggest companies in India and is rightly taken as the bellwether of investor sentiment (PTI)
Published on Sep 12, 2023 10:19 PM IST
ByHT Editorial

BJP-JD(S) tie-up may reset K’taka politics

Deve Gowda confirms alliance with BJP for the upcoming general election which raises questions about JD(S)'s future. A churn is expected in Karnataka politics.

Yediyurappa confirmed BJP-JD(S) alliance in Karnataka for Lok Sabha electiion 2024. (In photo PM Modi and Deve Gowda).
Published on Sep 11, 2023 10:00 PM IST
ByHT Editorial

The New Deal called IMEC

India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor is grand in vision and ambition. For India and the United States, it is a way to counter China

US President Joe Biden, Saudi Arabian PM and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and PM Narendra Modi seen during the launch of the India-Middle East-Europe economic corridor. The first-of-its-kind economic corridor will be a historic initiative on cooperation on connectivity and infrastructure involving India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, EU, France, Italy, Germany, and the US.(AP)
Published on Sep 11, 2023 09:59 PM IST
ByHT Editorial

Vendetta politics returns to Andhra?

Former Andhra Pradesh CM N Chandrababu Naidu's arrest raises questions as it comes amid upcoming assembly polls

Telugu Desam Party chief N Chandrababu Naidu being taken to prison, in Vijayawada on Sunday (PTI)
Published on Sep 11, 2023 08:00 AM IST
ByHT Editorial

G20 presidency is a big triumph

In addressing long-term challenges and not shying from Ukraine, India delivered a victory

People walk past a banner with flags of countries participating in G20 summit at the International Media Center (IMC) at G20 venue on the eve of the two-day G20 summit in New Delhi on September 8, 2023. (Photo by TAUSEEF MUSTAFA / AFP)(AFP)
Published on Sep 11, 2023 07:59 AM IST
ByHT Editorial

India embraces the world

At a difficult time, the Indian presidency has delivered for global good. Delhi can be proud, but must continue to remain grounded

People walk past a banner with flags of countries participating in G20 summit at the International Media Center (IMC) at G20 venue on the eve of the two-day G20 summit in New Delhi on September 8, 2023. (Photo by TAUSEEF MUSTAFA / AFP)(AFP)
Published on Sep 08, 2023 09:26 PM IST
ByHT Editorial

Another portent of climate doom

The hottest summer on record shows efforts to tackle the climate crisis are still inadequate

 2023 is on track to becoming the hottest ever, becoming the year the perils of the climate crisis hit home (Shutterstock/Representative image)
Updated on Sep 07, 2023 10:32 PM IST
ByHT Editorial
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