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Understanding the sanatana in dharma

Sanatana Dharma is a definition of what it is to be human rather than a definition of a religion. When societies change, we need to discover new moral codes

Sanatana Dharma is an expression of the simple fact that what is truly eternal is the requirement to always act morally(HT Photo)
Published on Sep 23, 2023 01:32 AM IST

Not a political tool, but a Bill to empower women

Political representation is a fundamental aspect of women’s empowerment, and the government has taken steps to increase the participation of women in politics

Rajya Sabha MPs vote on the Women's Reservation Bill during the Special Session of the Parliament, in New Delhi on Thursday. The bill was later passed in both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. (ANI)
Published on Sep 23, 2023 01:32 AM IST

Creative industries can boost economies

Arts and culture exchanges between India and the UK contribute to economic growth and foster understanding between cultures.

The Nataraja, a statue of Hindu lord Shiva as the cosmic dancer, installed next to 'Bharat Mandapam', the main venue of the G20 Summit, is pictured in Delhi. (Reuters)
Published on Sep 23, 2023 01:31 AM IST

No place for hate speech

Islamophobic comments lower the dignity of Parliament and point to a larger malaise

Members of Parliament (ANI/Sansad TV)
Published on Sep 23, 2023 01:31 AM IST
ByHT Editorial

Asian Games: Blocked out but hoping for a spike

Despite playing only five matches in the two years preceding the Asian Games, the Indian men's volleyball notched another big win to enter the quarters.

India's volleyball team has reached the Asian Games quarterfinal.(SAI)
Published on Sep 22, 2023 10:08 PM IST
By, New Delhi

Asian Games: Legends, Pioneers, Heroes

From Lavy Pinto to Hawa Singh, we revisit some of India's finest moments at the Asian Games

India's Lavy Pinto bagged the gold in 100m and 200m race the the very first Asian Games in Delhi(@IndiaHistorypic)
Published on Sep 22, 2023 10:07 PM IST
By, Kolkata

A World Cup without MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni's wicketkeeping was instinctive par excellence but more rewarding was the leadership that didn’t cost India a great batter

For the first time in 16 years, India will be without MS Dhoni at a 50-over World Cup.(Getty)
Updated on Sep 22, 2023 09:00 PM IST
By, Kolkata

Hasan Minhaj, writers, and the fabrication of truth

Comedian Hasan Minhaj has been accused of fabricating incidents from his life on his shows, leading to questions about the morality of his actions

Hasan Minhaj at the ESPY awards on July 12, 2023, at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, USA. (Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)
Updated on Sep 22, 2023 08:42 PM IST
ByFarzana Versey

Keeping up with UP | Has NOTA been able to strike the right note?

None of the Above (NOTA) was introduced to cleanse the political system in 2013. Its sparse use in 10 years has thrown up questions about its efficacy

Has the time come to give NOTA a legal sanctity as today it has no consequence on the election results?(Representative Image- Arijit Sen/HT Photo)
Published on Sep 22, 2023 08:08 PM IST
BySunita Aron

The importance of the National Green Tribunal in times of climate crisis

The guardians of our greens, this statutory body has played a pivotal role in protecting the Indian environment. Here are some of its landmark judgements

National Green Tribunal (File Photo)
Published on Sep 22, 2023 07:19 PM IST

Women's political reservation matters, so does their vote

Will this bill make it more acceptable for women to occupy positions of power? Will this acceptability give more confidence to women voters?

Lucknow: Women celebrate after the introduction of the Women's Reservation Bill, in Lucknow on Tuesday. (PTI)
Published on Sep 22, 2023 07:08 PM IST

I’m keen to see how the tussle for revenue plays out: Author of book on Reddit

Journalist Christine Lagorio-Chafkin’s We Are the Nerds tracks the rise and evolution, mistakes and pitfalls of Reddit.

Lagorio-Chafkin’s book was published in 2018. (Image: Weston Wells)
Updated on Sep 22, 2023 07:06 PM IST
BySukanya Datta

A laptop with no screen, another with two: New twists and turns in PC design

Laptops, desktops, tablets and even CPUs are in the midst of an era of radical design change. Vishal Mathur explores what, why, and what’s next.

The Spacetop by Sightful is a screen-less laptop that comes with an AR headset instead. The company is pitching it as a “100-inch screen in your backpack”.
Updated on Sep 22, 2023 07:01 PM IST

Why is Mamata Banerjee reluctant to endorse INDIA’s caste census agenda?

Experts say that any revision in quotas may take on a communal colour since both Hindus and Muslims are part of the lists of Other Backward Classes

West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee is reluctant to agree to a nationwide caste census
Published on Sep 22, 2023 06:56 PM IST

Mods, memes, morality: The Reddit story, in trivia

Which are the most popular subreddits? Why are photos of comedian John Oliver flooding the site? How did a videogame company set a world record? Take a look.

The digital canvas on r/Place is a collaborative art project. Users edit it by changing the colours, one pixel at a time. Currently, the colourful collage features, to one side, several pixels arranged to read ‘Fuck Spez’ (possibly a reference to co-founder and CEO Steve Huffman’s Reddit page, u/Spez, amid ongoing protests).
Updated on Sep 22, 2023 06:45 PM IST
BySukanya Datta

How Indian liquor brands are cracking the label code

In the past three years, around two dozen gin and over half a dozen rum brands have come up. On the shelves, they must jostle for your attention - and loyalty

Tourists on holiday are more inclined to experiment with new brands.(Pixabay)
Published on Sep 22, 2023 06:32 PM IST

The forward slash: Amid the reinvention of X, could this be Reddit’s moment?

It is a rare space on the internet where a simple question can find a simple, true answer. Can Reddit retain its identity while adapting to a changing market?

 (HT Imaging: Puneet Kumar)
Updated on Sep 22, 2023 06:39 PM IST
ByK Narayanan

A Wknd interview with Charu Suri, the Indian topping international jazz charts

She has roots in Chennai. Her music isn’t purely jazz; it has ragas woven in. She never expected this response, she says. Tune into the tale of Rags & Ragas.

Suri’s album, Rags & Ragas, hit #3 on the iTunes US jazz charts in September. Why? Well, in one track, for instance, she explores resonances between Raga Bageshri and the iconic five-chord phrasing found on Miles Davis’s So What.
Updated on Sep 22, 2023 06:26 PM IST
ht_print | By

On your mark, get set, win: India hope to better the best

A good performance -- 100 medals or not -- will set them up nicely for the big test that awaits in Paris in less than a year

All eyes will be on Mirabai Chanu.(Getty Images)
Published on Sep 22, 2023 06:01 PM IST

Big spends, tiny returns: Chelsea and United have a mid-table feel

A top-four finish for either team seems like a long shot even though it’s still early days in the season.

Manchester United's goalkeeper Andre Onana reacts after conceding a goal.(AFP)
Updated on Sep 22, 2023 05:56 PM IST
By, Mumbai

Terms of Trade | Congress has embraced Mandal but will it reap the rewards?

Mandal politics led to the BJP replacing the Congress. Even today, there’s no reason why the BJP won’t benefit from the demand for OBC reservation

This time, both the Congress and the Mandal parties have ended up supporting a bill brought by the BJP which not only does not have a provision for quota within quota for OBCs(ANI)
Published on Sep 22, 2023 03:25 PM IST

Neeraj vs Nadeem: An India, Pakistan rivalry with a difference

There is no bad blood between the two and they are united by their pursuit of excellence

India's Neeraj Chopra shaking hands with Arshad Nadeem of Pakistan
Published on Sep 22, 2023 08:52 AM IST
ByRutvick Mehta

Will India's death bowling come good under pressure?

With the match on the line, the slightest error in execution carries dire consequences. Are Bumrah and Co up for it?

Jasprit Bumrah and teammates celebrate the dismissal of Sri Lanka's Kusal Perera in the Asia Cup 2023 final match(ANI)
Published on Sep 21, 2023 10:41 PM IST
By, New Delhi

Everyone loves to woo the OBCs

Women's reservation Bill was passed, but debate reveals the demand for OBC sub-quotas, highlighting caste politics

Members of Parliament while voting on clauses of the women's reservation bill on demand of an Opposition MP in Lok Sabha during the Special Session of Parliament in New Delhi on Wednesday. (ANI)
Published on Sep 21, 2023 10:24 PM IST
ByHT Editorial

Let farmers breathe easy

Good news on the monsoon and kharif crop should prod the government to lift the restrictions on food exports

The sudden drop in tomato prices within a month, from <span class='webrupee'>?</span>200 per kg in August to <span class='webrupee'>?</span>2 in September, recently drove farmers from Marathwada and north Maharashtra to destroy their produce. (HT PHOTO)
Published on Sep 21, 2023 10:23 PM IST
ByHT Editorial

Delhi boards e-bus in pursuit of clean air

Delhi's e-bus transition, despite its financial, infrastructure, and human challenges, serves as a template for other Indian cities battling air pollution.

Earlier in August, Delhi got its first fleet of electric DTC buses. (HT Photo)
Published on Sep 21, 2023 10:23 PM IST

A year after protests, Iran remains restive

One year after the death of Mahsa Amini, protests in Iran have died out but the state crackdown continues.

One year after Mahsa Amini’s death, the Iranian regime has not been able to address the mounting anger of the Iranian youth and women, or the country’s economic woes.(AP)
Published on Sep 21, 2023 10:23 PM IST

Interview: Prabha Atre - “I have never imitated anyone”

The Hindustani classical vocalist who is now 90 years old talks about her lifelong riyaaz, her years at AIR and the deeply intellectual quality of her singing

Prabha Atre performing at VNIT, Nagpur, during the SPIC MACAY’s eighth International convention in June 2023. (Swaramayi Gurukul)
Published on Sep 21, 2023 09:11 PM IST
ByManjari Sinha

A record-breaking tale on canvas

Amrita Sher-Gil’s The Story Teller has become the most expensive Indian artwork to be auctioned. It tells more than the story of her Indo-European influences.

Amrita Sher-Gil, The Story Teller, 1937 Oil on canvas, 23.25 x 29.25 in((Image courtesy of Saffronart))
Published on Sep 21, 2023 08:39 PM IST

Europe’s conservative populists pit migrants against babies

Viktor Orban and Giorgia Meloni want their citizens to have more children

Imagine such pestering done by national leaders, with Hungary’s Viktor Orban and Giorgia Meloni of Italy in the role of berating wannabe grandparents.(AP)
Published on Sep 21, 2023 04:50 PM IST
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